The World Awakening
Featuring Debra Giusti

Learn to Take Powerful Soul-Aligned Actions

Mon. Jul 15 – Wed. Jul 24
Free Online Summit with 8 Powerful Leaders…Ariella Indigo, Christine Miskinis, Dawn Grossart, Lalita Shree Maa, Laya Raznick, Lucia Giovannini, Dr. Randy Kamen and Debra Giusti, producer of Transformation into the New Paradigm
Have you ever felt you could you be living a more joyful life — one that is inspiring, fulfilling and in alignment with your Soul’s Calling?  
Do you feel trapped and spread thin by the life you already have — unable to break free from the overwhelming amount of responsibilities to create a space for joy, play and divine connection?
You end up losing days, months (even years!) just moving through your daily schedule, busy, numb and over-worked… without ever reaching an optimal quality of life? 
Here’s what we know for sure: 
The actions and thoughts you are living with now will not take you to where you desire to go.  
If you desire to live a meaningful, joyful life with deep connections and relationships, personally and professionally, you have to transform yourself from the inside out.  
We’ve become so busy that we’ve disconnected from what really matters.  
We’ve become numb to our divine gifts and guidance that fuels our Soul with creativity, magic, abundance and joy.  
So, if you want to create something different, or better you are invited to a F.R.E.E life-changing event that will introduce you to the key thing that shifts everything…  
Shivany Gonell has created this F.R.E.E. online event called “How to get the confidence you need to take soul aligned action.”
In this 8-day masterclass, you will receive personal strategies from fellow thought leaders, speakers, and experts in the fields of conscious business, female leadership, healing, prosperity, spirituality, and even neuroscience. 
This is the equivalent of a mentor mastermind, yet it is f.r.e.e. of cost!
Plus receive plenty of support to implement what you learn through free gifts! All you have to do is go here.
This complimentary event begins on Monday, July 15th.
You’ll get to see Debra along with 7 other amazing, high-performing experts.
They’ll be sharing their top practices and tools for leading a life of deep connection and massive impact!
When you join this powerful interview series, you’ll hear personal, real-life stories about how each of them have transformed their own lives —and how YOU can, too!
Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll learn…
  • Specific tools and techniques you can use right away to be more effective in your business while feeling more connected.
  • How to STAY MOTIVATED with your spiritual practice
  • Access your INTUITION so you are able to make decisions quickly and confidently.
  • Release stress and overwhelm that keeps you from enjoying your life.
  • Become empowered to BE your authentic self, overcoming adversity whenever you face it. 
Take the first step…
Reserve your spot for “How to get the confidence you need to take soul-aligned action here: