Cosmic Reset &
Recharge Spiritual Retreat

An Intensive 3 Day Immersion Into Consciousness, Meditation & Pyramid Power!

Fri. Aug 2 – Sun. Aug 4
Sevenoaks Retreat
Madison, Virginia
Unique Speakers, Meditation, Unite with Nature, Spiritual Excursions
Speakers include: Pari Patri, Wind Daughter, Christina Schwind, Charles Ziese, Brahmarshi Patriji, Marc Caron and more!
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It’s time…
 It’s time for you to find your higher purpose in life.
To know your reason for being on this planet.
To know WHO YOU ARE…
Cosmic Reset will be held at the beautiful Sevenoaks Retreat of Madison, Virginia which aims to unite all with nature in the relaxing, pleasant atmosphere of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Spiritual Masters will provide a myriad of spiritual science techniques to enhance guests’ spiritual connections and help them manifest the life they desire.
Cosmic Reset offers guests a chance to enhance their spiritual practice , while having a relaxing time, in pleasant surroundings. This was the vision of Cosmic Reset Founder, Pari Patri. Pari, the daughter of spiritual leader Brahmarshi Subhash Patri, has had the opportunity to learn from various masters, gurus and teachers about spiritual science. Following in her father’s footsteps, Pyramid Power reigns high in her teachings. Pari will continue the spiritual crusade her father began in the year 1990 with Cosmic Reset being the launch of the Pyramid Power Movement into the United States! She has decided to dedicate her life to helping others align with their Higher Purpose and absorb the power of manifestation.
Welcome to the birth of Cosmic Reset! Travel on a Shamanic Journey through the astral realms, awaken spirit and mind like never before, connect with nature, nurture the body with high vibration foods, and bring your awareness to a whole new level!
Powerful tools to understand your reason for being on this planet. Meditate. Connect. Manifest.
It’s time to know who you are! Register NOW and save $200 with Coupon Code CR200. It’s time to reset!