Mount Shasta Summer Conference

Meet The Venusians

August 26-30
Siskiyou Lodge
Mount Shasta City, CA
7th Annual 5 Day Summer Conference Beautiful Mt Shasta Contactees, Space Family, Meditations Excursions and Skywatches Movies Music & More CU There

Speaker Lineup

Omnec Onec
Raymond Keller
Sarah Adams
Luis Mostajo
Laura Eisenhower
Rob Potter
Lorien Fenton
Tracy Ash
Gavin Hukassian
George Filier

Suzanne Ross
Scott Werner
Dennis Adams
John Recorder
Jamie Lu
Brad & Kasey Wallis
Brad Olsen
Frank Chile
and more!

“Meet The Venusians! ‘We Are In Contact’ is my tribute to honor of all the Venusians & Pleiadean’s who have taken the time to present themselves to me throughout my life.”
Producer Rob Potter
Introduction To The Conference, by producer Rob Potter
Recently my physical contacts have increased in frequency and I have been given several direct messages and recordings to share with the public.
They have answered a series of direct questions from me and give me answers in both recorded and written form. They have given me permission to share these with the world.
On October 20, 2019, Raymond Keller helped arrange for me to record and interview a female Venusian Commander. This video records me asking 8 questions of the 6th dimensional Venusian Aura Rhanes. She is the commander of the Venusian moon base Clarion. I will share this video and other messages at the conference.
These other messages To be shared that include replies from Lady Orda the current Queen of Venus and her Security chief Al-An.
The famous Commander Val Thor is the main Venusian Commander in charge of the mission of the Venusian fleet on our earth has also given some information for me to share.
Valiant Thor was sent to meet Dwight Eisenhower in 1957, has been in a dialogue with me for over 12 years. His mission to earth is an attempt to offer friendly and open contact that would benefit all of mankind.
The Venusians have asked me to continue to provide a balanced stream of information to the public to learn more about our friends and closest planetary neighbors.
I acting as a postmant delivering a message realize the most important aspect of my effort is simply to share the real and clear messages and to act as a postman delivering a message. I do my best to do this free from sensationalism and hype.
Furthermore, the Venusians want me to share their positive message of hope and to provide more details to the public on the coming shifts within and on the earth.
We are now in the process of energetic natural changes that are now occurring on our earth. These are complex vibrational shifts that will enhance the process of spiritual growth in human consciousness.
I hope you will join my friends and I this summer as we attempt to expand the human gnosis and experience into the seldom traveled vistas of the reality of extra-terrestrial contact.
We hope to share with you more than just trying to prove to you that our Venusian and Galactic neighbors and family are here. We hope to share with you their message to us.
The essence of their message is that must alter the way we think on our own to embrace a more peaceful and cooperative way of life.
As the 6th dimensional Moon Base Clarion Commander Aura Rhanes told me we must adhere to the principals of Liberty, Equality,Fraternity and Justice. These are the teachings which she along with other Venusians taught our founding fathers. These universal ideas for freedom inspired the Constitution.
Furthermore we will teach you how you too may have your own contact experience.Our combined teachings will allow you to grow in spiritual understanding and develop a true connection to the divine plan that is now unfolding on earth.
Warm Regard
Rob Potter
Summer Conference Update
I am happy to announce the conference has been cleared to take place this summer without restrictions. No social distancing will be required and masks will be optional. The WHO has made a 180 announcement on masks and says there is no point to wear masks if you have no symptoms so no masks are required though many are following this narrative. 
Many people do not know but you can all purchase plane tickets (very cheap right now) and travel anywhere in the United States without restrictions. You can also drive anywhere and drive to Mt Shasta as you wish. I suggest you get your tickets now and get ready to have some fun. 
The restaurants are all open and no masks are required, social distancing is required in restaurants & some super markets. We hoping the social distancing will end soon. The local gym is open and hotels motels bed and breakfasts are ALL open for business. The lakes the mountain and waterfalls are open and filled with families frolicking with glee happy to escape the cities filled with fear from the lockdown. 
You will note the original Crystal Skull found in the Mayan Temple of the moon has been added to the list of speakers as well as many surprise guests as well. I will be providing some new questions to receive their wisdom on topics such as the crystal skull and other more pertinent responses about the world situation right now. I hope for positive messages of hope as well as comments on the virus and the agenda behind it. 
With lots of love and health to you all. See you in August
Because we have a full 5 days
We will have an extended program that includes: • Incredible Speakers • Guided Meditations • Vibration Raising Mantras • Qi Gong Exercises • Actual Videos of Many Encounters • Messages from Different ET Groups • Movie Night • Excursions In Nature-Friday Night Skywatch • Musical Guests•Pyramids Tesla Coils Sound Light Color Laser Crystal Show•Vendors • Lake Swim Time and More
New Program Ideas
This year the program is longer for those who want to spend more time in nature. We will have five days’ time to bond and to be together. We will have time in nature scheduled as well as meditations and other exercises to keep the high consciousness energy flowing. Our presenters will share lots of amazing new ways to bring us together & to make a strong connection with ourselves and our extended Venusian family.