Discover Sound as Medicine

with Mona Delfino
How to Clear Emotional Blocks & Heal Common Illnesses & Chronic Conditions Through the Power of Your Own Voice

Sat. Dec 14, 10:00am – 11:00am PT
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Free Online Event With Healer, Teacher & Author Mona Delfino
Uncover the voice of your soul — and a more authentically lived life — using sound as medicine.
Discover how the healing power of sound leads to a sense of ‘oneness’ within YOU — and throughout our world.
Receive a singing bowls practice to guide you into a healing ritual space — and discover why sound resonates with YOU (and impacts your individual frequency) differently than anyone else.
Do you feel as though you’re going in circles, treating the same old symptoms — fatigue, stress, depression, and other chronic conditions?
Have you sensed that going to a doctor may not be your only hope for a healthy life — yet, you’re not sure where else to turn?
With steadily increasing medical costs, misdiagnoses, addiction to prescriptions — then more prescriptions to offset the side-effects — it’s time to turn the corner into a clear understanding of your health and open the door to new possibilities for healing…
It’s common knowledge that we’re all constantly shedding old cells and creating new ones…
Did you know, though, that with the proper sound-healing techniques and intention, you can bring about such profound healing that you’ve essentially created a NEW liver, kidneys, and more?
Part of using sound healing as medicine is creating new perceptions around your emotions, bringing reality into a new focus, and clearing the way for deep healing — even for your most persistent health concerns…
To deeply understand how healing works within YOUR body — and how to explore and participate in your own healing process — join us for this special event…
Healer, teacher, and author Mona Delfino will walk you through the power of sound as medicine — and show you how to move into a space of true healing using deep breathing practices, sound bowls, and more…
You’ll discover how your body has its own signature frequencies that match with each sound — and why learning how your body responds to sound is essential for your healing journey..
Mona was born a shaman, discerning her calling and helping people and animals heal from a very early age. Well-versed in spirituality, alchemy, and quantum healing, her deliberate and highly effective approach to using sound as medicine has helped thousands to heal…
Mona brings an entire new dimension to the growing field of sound healing — she’s highly skilled at reading energy, and at helping you understand how to engage with yourself and the world around you in deeply healing ways as you grow into the healthy, vibrant person you’re meant to be.
Join us and spend an hour with Mona, discovering how to better understand and heal your persistent health issues through the power of sound. As you’ll discover, everything you need for healing is already within you…
In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll discover:
  • How to create your own regular sound medicine practice at home
  • How to care for your own spiritual immune system by placing a tone in your crown chakra that will run through your whole body
  • Why meditative sound healing often works for people who insist they aren’t able to meditate effectively
  • An experiential journey with 3 singing bowls that will lead you to a new understanding of how they resonate sympathetically with your body’s field
  • An ancient shamanic sound practice to help connect with the tone of your heart, which can feed your energy field and shift your emotional, physical, and mental state
  • A muscle testing practice to find the “vital tone” for yourself, which can strengthen your energy system and be directed to specific areas of your body that need healing