Sound Healing Activation Conference

with 9 Presenters

Sat. Jan 16, 10:00am – 4:00pm PT
Replay Available

Free or by Donation Via Zoom with Presenters: Lightbody Sound, Ben Carroll, Michael Brant DeMaria, Peter Sterling, Steven Halpern, Phil Gruber, Alan Steinfeld and Neil Patel
Join us as we begin this new year with an influx of vibration and harmonious frequencies to empower, uplift and align.
Experience various sound and vibration facilitators and bathe in the frequencies of creation to receive upgrades and activations.
This is a free or donation-based event. You will experience over 4 different sound practitioners infused in between esoteric spoken word and we will end the day with a 2-hour presentation on Sound & Vibration and how it was implemented / utilized by Ancient Civilizations.
You do not want to miss this! If you want to come to an event that will leave you empowered and with a smile on your face… here it is!