Vibration, Healing & Consciousness

with David Gibson
How Frequencies, Sounds, Music & Intention Transform Your Body, Emotions & Brainwaves

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Free Online Event with Leading Scholar & Researcher in the Field of Sound Healing and Therapy David Gibson
Experience the power of sound and vibration — and uncover the healing sound frequency YOU need most right now.
Discover a ‘sound hierarchy’ of vibrations to ease painful emotions, heal disease, calm anxiety, and evoke bliss.
Everything is vibration.
Your own body is a set of vibrational frequencies….
It’s also “a frame for holding sound, which responds to specific healing sounds and vibrations,” says celebrated sound-healing scholar and researcher David Gibson.
For example, soft, warm sounds known as zero-activation frequencies have been shown to alleviate anxiety…
… the calming sounds of Tibetan bowls or the harp can ease depression…
… and there are even specific sound frequencies that can move you through the stages of grief.
David developed the “hierarchy of vibration,” a complete perspective of the ways that you can use frequencies, sounds, music, and intention to clear blockages physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually.
Vibration works a little differently at each level of this hierarchy. David explains how to work at these different levels to attain optimal health in the body and access higher energies of Spirit:
Frequency. This includes pure tones and pitch. Stable, consistent vibrational frequencies, instead of chaotic vibrations, are the basis of all sound healing. Once you find the natural resonant frequency of any part of your body, you can use that frequency to bring harmony and optimal health to that area, organ, or system.
Sounds and Timbre. Timbre, the quality of a sound or instrument, is made up of a combination of frequencies, which are more powerful than pure frequencies on their own. Research shows how two frequencies instead of one are required to destroy cancer cells. One strike of a Tibetan bowl that has been hammered into its tone with prayer can open your heart and transform disease.
Music. At this level of the hierarchy, it’s all about “smooth flow,” with no blockages — the essence of health in any system in your body. Rhythms entrain the brain into different brainwave states. Add melody and you can access the full range of emotions… love, compassion, joy, and the ultimate state of Oneness.
Energy and Intention. The most powerful level in the hierarchy of sound vibration — it combines all the other levels. When someone sings the right song with the right energy, for example, the results can be life-changing.
Now imagine the deep healing that this same sound vibration hierarchy can bring into your life.
Applying different sound vibrations, you can also clear energy blocks and rebalance your chakras, which have their own frequencies, pitches, and timbres.
So where should you begin?
In this experiential 60-minute event, David will share insights, techniques, and practices for accessing the full range of vibrations.
He’ll show you how to minimize the chaotic vibrations our busy world is always offering up — and how to benefit from the frequencies that are ideal for your body’s sound framework.