Beyond the Veil Summit

Near-Death Experiences, Mediumship & the Science of the Afterlife

Mon. Oct 26 – Fri. Oct 30
Free Online Event 30+ incredible speakers including Dr Raymond Moody, Suzanne Giesemann, Eben Alexander MD, Professor Jeralyn Glass, Cherie Aimée and many more!
Dispel Fear & Activate Love Through New Paradigms in Consciousness & the Afterlife
Our eternal spiritual self is more real than anything we perceive in this physical realm, and has a divine connection to the infinite love
of the Creator.
— Eben Alexander, MD
Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife
What lies beyond this life? What happens after we die? Can we connect with loved ones after they’ve died?
Today, these perennial questions are being explored with ever-greater depth and nuance. Are you aware of the amazing research being done to validate out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences (NDEs), and other “veiled” phenomena?
Whether undergoing a scary medical procedure, swerving just in time to avoid a car accident, or witnessing the death of a loved one… moments like these can puncture our status-quo existence with a sense of awe for life’s fragility and brevity — infusing us with longing to understand what lies just beyond this human life.
As summit speaker Dr. Nicole Gruel notes, near-death and other spiritually transformative experiences can forever change how we see and walk in the world. Fortunately, you don’t have to nearly die to access and harness the power of these extraordinary experiences.
We’re each hardwired to experience the supernatural in our own unique way, and when we consciously choose to embrace and celebrate life’s spiritual dimensions, we greatly expand our creative power, purpose, and sense of meaning.
Whether you’re looking to gain meaningful closure around the loss of a loved one, or wanting to glean insights into how to live fully in the here and now, this unique online event will guide you deeper into appreciation and awe for the preciousness of life.
It will also provide a deeper sense of belonging in the shared human experience, and expose you to meaningful stories and insights into death, consciousness, and the beyond.
As we head into the harvest months and that liminal time when the veils between this world and the “world beyond” are said to be the thinnest… this exceptional summit will offer you a plethora of spiritual guidance and resources as you take stock of this year and make peace with what’s to come.
Grief and loss teach us that there’s a powerful bridge between what we call our mundane lives, and that which lies on the other side. This life-altering realization changes our perspective on death, shifting our default fear of the unknown into wonder, reverence, and a sense of enthralling beauty.
Join the Beyond the Veil Summit for a refreshing departure from fear-drenched news and doom-and-gloom thinking about the future… as we venture together into these oft-avoided areas of life that, in fact, hold magnificent wisdom for us all.
Waiting on the “Other Side” is Unconditional Love
Is it a coincidence that so many people who’ve died and come back say they were enveloped in profound love as they briefly departed from their “earthly” life? And why do some people have positive NDEs (near-death experiences), and others have distressing ones?
These are just two of the many salient questions this summit will address.
How we live our lives is paradoxically mirrored in the way we’re able to release and let go of life. And, as summit speaker Dr. William Bloom says, a graceful release is helped by a body that is at ease.
During this summit, you’ll discover ways to nurture this kind of gracious surrender in your life, leading to more peace in the here and now.
Throughout history, people have flocked to seers and mediums. Rulers and leaders have turned to oracles to elicit communication with other realms, searching for tried-and-true practices that have successfully penetrated the veil between the world of the living and that of the departed.
With proper guidance, you can integrate insights from those who’ve “crossed over” and mediated messages of healing and closure. This online event will guide you through an abundance of practical teachings — including how to conduct spirit communication by creating a personal oracle with items you already own.
During the Beyond the Veil Summityou’ll get to hear illuminating conversations with medical workers, researchers, authors, those who’ve experienced death and come back, those who readily communicate with the deceased (and can teach you how to do the same), and much more.
Let their remarkable stories touch you, enlighten you, enfold you with comfort, and ultimately draw you toward living in a state of unconditional love.