Dying & Living

An Immersive Online Experience

Wed. Oct 21 – Sun. Oct 25
Replay Available
Special guests include Joanna Macy, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Paul Stamets,
Bayo Akomolafe, Mirabai Starr, Joan Tollifson, Deepak Chopra,
Parvathy Baul, Michael Hebb, Charles Eisenstein, Brenda Salgado,
and many more.
Join our friends at SAND for a 5-day LIVE, immersive, online experience, Dying & Living, this October 21–25, 2020 as 40+ renowned speakers, presenters, musicians and artists converge for over five hours each day to bring us presentations, interviews, integrative practices, performances,
and community networking.
Our world is going through challenges, upheaval, and confusion.
Death feels closer. False beliefs, obsolete structures, and ideas of separateness are falling away. Reclaiming the blessings of death—death as ally, death as wisdom, death as guru—is part of the work of our time. The liminal spaces, in which old structures and belief systems crumble and no longer support us, in which the old has not fully died and the new has not yet emerged, are the very womb out of which every cycle of life arises.
We will explore:
  • How living and dying are inseparable
  • How to live in times of darkness and uncertainty
  • What the different spiritual traditions teach about death
  • How to share the sacred work of grief and loss
  • Why we re living in a death-phobic culture
  • The greater cosmological, planetary, and evolutionary cycles of which we are a part
  • What we can learn from the recent pandemic and social justice crises
Please join our journey as we share knowledge, wisdom, and experience, explore how to embrace loss, trust the wisdom of disintegration and welcome the unknown that awaits us at the next corner, in life as in death.
All presentations will be recorded and available to registrants for later viewing.