Enneagram Global Summit

55 Expert Speakers ~ 5 Days

Mon. Dec 7 – Fri. Dec 11

Free Online Event with Host Jessica Dibb with Speakers
Helen Palmer, Dr Dan Siegel, Cynthia Bourgeault,
Chief Mike Alexander, +50 more

Heal Personal & Relationship Wounds Through 9 Essential Pathways for Transformation. Embrace a Compassionate Lens to Repair Personal, Interpersonal & Global Wounds.
In this time of heightened division and conflict, are you struggling to understand those whose ways of being differ from your own?
Do you find that you’re communicating about those differences with more reactivity than you normally would?
If we want our lives to be peaceful, joyful, and creative — rooted in love and hope — we need effective ways to face disagreements and misunderstandings… so we can transform on a personal level the divisiveness our world is facing.
Now more than ever, it’s important to grasp that peace does begin at home — in the core of your being.
Truly knowing yourself and how you operate is pivotal in transforming emotional reactivity into poise and power… and realizing how you can get in your own way and, instead, perpetuate disharmony.
The Enneagram — a complex and beautiful system of nine pathways to self-understanding — opens portals to deep and comprehensive knowledge of your own tendencies… and helps you explore how others work through a lens of compassion, non-judgment, and objectivity.
Instead of seeing differences as wedges, the Enneagram provides a window into why others think, believe, or behave the way they do…
… and, as such, can help you reduce violence and suffering and create a more loving existence — for yourself and others.
Now in its seventh year, The Enneagram Global Summit is a testament to the power of the Enneagram. Participants all over the world have shared their experience of enormous and sometimes unprecedented shifts in their lives and relationships, enabling them to make valuable contributions to their communities.
During this year’s summit, you’ll discover how the Enneagram impacts the communication patterns of the nine types… and facilitates the transformation of unproductive patterns.