Sacred Sites & Ceremonies

6 Presentations and 8 Ceremonies

Sat. Dec 12, 9:00am – 3:30pm PT
Replay Available
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Via Zoom and Hosted by Ariel Patricia and Neil Gaur with Presenters Linda Tucker, Tricia McCannon, William Henry,
Linda Star Wolf, Jason Kelly, Professor Jim Bowler &
Joan Bowler, Jenny Bowler, Tigrilla Gardenia, Crotalo Sesamo, Jose Munoz, and Xotchitl Guzman
Join us for this unprecedented online conference experience.
The Sacred Sites & Ceremonies Online Conference has been created to offer ancient insight and wisdom, as well as tap into the energy fields of planet earth.
There will be 6 presentations on different sacred sites around the world. We will open with the White Lions in South Africa, traveling to Egypt, Mexico & the Pyramid of the Sun, Lake Mungo in Australia, Goddess Sites throughout the world and close with Damanhur, Italy and the Temples of Humankind.
As well as, 8 indigenous ceremonies designed to align and activate the Earth’s Grid and ley lines with reverence for the antiquity of humanity and our collective story.