The Adrenal Solutions Summit

45 Experts - 7 Days Mon. Feb 1 - Sun. Feb 7 Replay Available Free Online Event + FREE Gifts! Hosted by Shiroko Sokitch MD with 45 Expert Speakers Tom O'Bryan, David Jockers, Daniel Pompa, Lloyd Burrell, Margaret Christensen MD and more Geared to specifically help during these trying times, this unique summit will teach you how toxicity, trauma, hormones, and weight gain all play a part in problems associated with adrenal issues. You’ll learn solutions for regaining your focus and energy, improving mood, and resolving sleep issues — so you can get to the root of your health concerns and stop feeling like you always have to power through your day. Wellness and vitality are within your grasp! Join us!

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The Nature Talks

30+ Speakers | 5 Day Online Experiential Gathering Wed. Feb 3, - Sun. Feb 7 Replay Available A 5 Day Online Experiential Gathering with Hosts Geeta Stilwell, Pamela Wirth & Manuela Siegfried with 30+ Speakers including: Wendy Figone, Marina Robb, Geoff Robb, Mario Trigueros, Alan Watson Featherstone, Eli Goodsell, Michelle Reugebrink, and more Reconnecting People and Planet Now More Than Ever. Join us on a journey to discover, restore, and celebrate our human relationship with nature.

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Spiritual Guide, Suzanne Ross Offers

Loving Support & Spiritual Guidance 2021 is Here!  Get ready for a new year with Healing, Recharging, Renewal & Rebirth with Suzanne Ross' Multiple Offerings. Enjoy a Relaxing, Healing & Rejuvenating Soundbath in the Spiraling Vortex Go on a Guided Journey of Self-Discovery & Experience a Heart Activation Take a Chakra Journey to Clear Old Limiting Patterns & Create New Possibilities Engage in a Psychic Reading to Reveal Your Soul's True Calling & Higher Purpose Open the Gateway to Ascension into a Higher Way of Living & Being Watch the "Loving Support & Spiritual Guidance" Video Series on SciSpi.TV Don't miss out on the Discount Codes too!

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Shamanic Journeying to Connect with the Earth’s Elements & Other Nature Allies

with Sandra Ingerman ~ Available Now ~ REPLAY AVAILABLE Sign up anytime before February 2, to access the program instantly. FREE Online Event with Bestselling Author, Award Winner and Shamanism Teacher Sandra Ingerman Find Healing, Wisdom & Belonging in Reciprocal Relationships with Spirits of the 'Middle World'

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Mystics Summit

5 Days with 40 Expert Speakers Mon. Feb 1 - Fri. Feb 5 Replay Available Free Online Event with Host Mirabai Starr and Expert Speakers Krishna Das, Matthew Fox, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Imam Jamal Rahman, Alexander John Shaia, Andrew Harvey, China Galland, Russ Hudson, Rabbi Tirzah Firestone, and more Uncover the Ecstatic Wisdom of the Mystics to Reclaim Your Own Connection to the Sacred. Reconnect with Divine Love in the Midst of Complexity & Turmoil.

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Bridging Ancient Mysticism & the Science of the Near-Death Experience to Feel Into Harmony, Connection & Wholeness

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with Eben Alexander MD & Karen Newell ~ Available Now ~ Sign up anytime before January 25, to access the program instantly. FREE Online Event with Eben Alexander, MD: Renowned Academic Neurosurgeon & Bestselling Author of Proof of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe Karen Newell: Author, Sound Journey Facilitator & Co-Founder of Sacred Acoustics You’ll discover the power of Oneness Consciousness to expand and deepen your sense of meaning and purpose, boost your wellbeing, open you to the intelligence of the Universe, and confirm that you are never truly alone. Discover tools for cultivating greater wholeness, as you better understand — from a spiritual and a scientific perspective — that we are indeed more than our physical bodies.

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The Joyful Warrior Code

13 Week Interactive Program 13 Illuminaries ~ 1 Transformational Journey and Transformative FREE Micro-Masterclass Sat. Jan 16 - Sat. Apr 24 Replay Available 13-week Online Event with 13 speakers Join Bryant Wood, Shira Lazar, Dr. Clint Rogers, Dr. Eric Pearl, Jan Broberg, Barry Shore and many other Illuminary leaders and teachers for an interactive 13-week, transformative journey designed to PERMANENTLY connect you to your power Source, ignite your creative fire, and empower you to fearlessly create an extraordinary and inspired Life. This course is designed to light the spark of your divinity and full potential, awakening and igniting the loving, inspired, Creative Force that you are. You will emerge from the Joyful Warrior Code with the Tools, Awareness, and Inspiration to experience your dreams made manifest in physical form. Exclusive limited time 30% off enrollment with code PARADIGM, and/or clicking HERE. This offer expires on January 5th at midnight PT. ~ AND ~ Available Now! Transformative FREE Micro-Masterclass In this one short session, you will learn how to Uncover the 3 Tools You Can Utilize Right Now to Transform Any Challenge Or Obstacle Into Generative, Creative Fuel. You will also Receive the 7 IMMUTABLE TRUTHS Known by Creative Masters - from shamans to CEO's - that will allow you to Activate Your Full Power And Create The Extraordinary Life You Choose! In this Free Micro-Masterclass you Will: Discover the 3 Life-Changing Tools necessary to transform any challenge or difficult situation into a positively catalyzed force that propels you towards the realization of your desired Life. Find out the practices implemented by masterful creators - from shamans to CEO's - that will allow you to experience the Life that you choose. Learn the 7 Immutable Truths that are the foundational principles necessary to tap into the universal well of infinite potential and possibility. Uncover powerful human technology that you can utilize at any time you want to turn fear into fuel. Receive life-changing guidance and teachings that can be applied in all aspects of your Life, including personal health and wellbeing, finances, relationships, career, family, and everything else that is important to you.

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