Truth Investigator Workshop

(CAIS & Uncovering Cabal Deception) with John DeSouza Sat. Aug 1, 12:00pm - 2:00pm PT Webinar via Zoom Learn to penetrate these uncanny deceptions and double deceptions with the CAIS Investigation System and author and FBI special agent John DeSouza True Investigators are the only people that can penetrate the truth of the world we are currently living in—an Age of Globalist Terror directed against world citizens with the cloak of invisibility protecting them. Teaching CAIS Investigations… Cover-Story collected—pattern established… Actions of usual suspects in this type of investigation or mystery… Identify, collect, connect all clues, especially DISPOSITIVE clues… Seal and deliver final Investigative conclusion

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The Clear Hearers Workshops w/ John DeSouza

Sat., Nov 16, 12:00pm - 2:00pm PT, Replay Avail Methods and tools—listening to THE CALLING and becoming a clear hearer CLEAR HEARING– a unique gift wherein the individual perceives a Clear Voice of Authority that seeks the person’s benefit, safety, and increase. (As seen on the new NBC TV show MANIFEST.) This is the ultimate workshop for intuitives, perceptives, and all Truth-Seekers who need to rise to the next level of perception—by hearing "The Calling." In this workshop, he reveals his own story as a CLEAR-HEARER. Also, he will unfold the methods and tools used to transform intuitives to transcendent Clear-Hearers who can receive assistance from THE GREAT VOICE --at will. John DeSouza will give examples of the most powerful CLEAR-HEARERS in history and will show scenes from the new series, MANIFEST, that illustrate Clear-Hearing.

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