Love is Medicine Project

The Science of Self-Care, Social Connection and Lifestyle Medicine to Heal your Body & Mind Thu. May 21 - Wed. May 27 FREE groundbreaking 7-Part documentary series Hosted by Razi Berry featuring experts Ocean Robbins, Dr Tom O'Bryan, Bruce Lipton, Tricia Nelson, TK Huynh, Ari Whitten, Dr Charley Cropley, Kim Jones, Erin Matlock, Dr Veronica Anderson, Dr Bernie Siegel, Cynthia Pasquella, Joan Borysenko and more! These are symptoms. Symptoms from a pandemic that has cast the world in fear. A fear of getting sick, a fear of spreading the virus. We are ordered to hunker down, stock up on provision, and wait…not sure of what will happen. We are still waiting. These events disconnect us from our routines, our environment, from others, even ourselves. This is why now more than ever it is important to turn to self-care. How we love and care for ourselves and how we love each other.not only impacts disease but also resilience, depression and anxiety, sleep issues, and performance. Self-care is the true healthcare! The naturopathic philosophy honors what is called the Vital Force, that invisible force that guides all living things towards growth, betterment, compassion, and healing. It is love. I believe health is our God-given birthright, our natural set point and that we are designed to thrive and heal, and are given everything in nature to do so.

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