Spring Equinox Ascension Retreat

Fri. Mar 20 - Sun. Mar 22 Lomacasi Resort Sedona, AZ 86336 Spiritual Practices & Ascension Guidance & Mystical Tours into Sacred Vortex Sites. In preparation for our deeply spiritual & wholly transformational Vortex Event & Adventure, the Ascension Ceremony will raise the vibration of all present while creating a unification frequency everyone will be tuned into it throughout the ceremony. Using Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, drumming and the flute to raise the vibration through sound frequency, spontaneous healing of the mental, emotional and physical bodies take place while the soul is ignited and dormant DNA is activated. Ancient mantras will be used to clear energy blockages in the chakras and transmute shadows embedded in the cellular memory of tissues and organs. Large crystals will attract the Sedona vortex energy and rainbow-light crystals will activate the crystalline light-body harmonizing all beings back into their original divine blueprint of perfection. As the group consciousness is elevated to a high frequency, the event will unfold in a higher dimensional vibration of pure unconditional love and sacred divine light. As a profound sense of oneness permeates throughout, collectively we move into the ultimate truth of who we are as the I AM and embody the highest truth of who we are as the Word: God/Goddess in Action knowing in the core of your being: I AM THAT I AM.

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