The Blue Avians & The Law of One

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with Corey Goode Sat., Jan 9 - Sat., Feb 6 (new dates) Replay Available 5-Week Online Course and Live Q&As with Corey Goode NEW Bonus Features Accessible Now with Registration! All students now have access to our members-only online forums to converse and connect better with our community. We have also added access for students to view all the 2020 Vision Conference presentations which include talks by: Corey Goode, Dr. Michael Salla, The Kate Awakening, James Gilliland, Xi Earthstar Healer, Kaya Leigh, Tricia Margis, Dr. Alex Bloom, and Caressa Ayres. The 5-week course will cover subjects including Corey's history of interaction with the Blue Avians and their information about the universe and our upcoming ascension event, Corey's experiences with the Anshar (4th density, inner earth confederation members), and many other subjects related to spiritual growth & the Law of One.

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