UFO Cruise

Join with Like-Minded Souls in the Experience of a Lifetime Explore "the truth that's out there" on our awesome UFO Cruise and Seminar-at-Sea, which takes place right on-board an extraordinary, luxury cruise ship during a 7-day cruise, in conference rooms on the ship, and during port calls in the Mexican Riviera. Join us! During this incredible, mind-blowing, truth-telling, enriching, unique event, we will unearth the truth about the UFO cover-up, and we will explore the possibility of disclosure with some of the most respected expert researchers, authors, teachers, speakers, contactees, and abductees on the planet.

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Discover Egyptian Shamanism with Nicki Scully

Discover the healing path of Egyptian shamanism — and experience a liberating ‘Heart Breath’ practice to evoke inner and outer harmony. Draw from Egypt’s deep connection to Source through the love of Hathor, the compassion of Isis, the fierce, fiery power of Sekhmet, and the evolutionary wisdom of Thoth. From the medicine traditions of South America to the “Song Lines” aborigines of Australia, our world is rich with shamanic paths for healing... and Egypt has its own healing traditions that come to us through the potent qualities of its deities and our ability to access them.

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Wheels of Life Chakra Workshop with Anodea Judith

Discover how to open, align, and heal your chakras to activate your energy system, nurture your spiritual awakening, and enjoy a vibrant, thriving, and full-spectrum life. We’re all fueled by life-force energy. Yogis call it prana... Asian healers call it chi or qi... We’re often more in tune with this vital charge that flows through us when we’re excited or scared — or we notice its absence when we’re depressed or exhausted. Did you know that you have the power within you to control the flow of your energy — dialing it up or down at will?

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The Art of Anti-Aging Summit Your Best Years Start Now

What if you could gather 21 of the world’s TOP anti-aging and longevity doctors and researchers together. They’d each come from different areas of expertise, like nutrition… avoiding Alzheimer’s and other dementia… skin health and appearance… weight… avoiding cancer, heart problems, and other serious disease… emotional health… pain prevention and healthy posture. 21 Speakers include: Dr Dean Ornish, Razi Berry, Dr Joel Fuhrman, Ocean Robbins, Dr Susan Peirce Thompson, Jason Prall, Dr Janet Zand, Dr Dale E Bredesen, and many more!

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Sacred Stories Light Tribe Author Summit Seven-Weeks with 14 Authors & Teachers

Sacred Stories Light Tribe Author Summit features 14 incredible spiritual authors and teachers who will share with you their personal Sacred Stories that inspired the writing of their books, writing tips and tricks that worked for them, and a deep discussion of their greater spiritual work! Hosted by: Anrita Melchizedek & Patricia Cagganello Speakers include: Padma Aon Prakasha, Tricia MCannon, Miguel Dean, Saryon Michael White, Meg Bendicte, Dana Micucci, Steven Farmer, and many more.

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The 10th Annual Saint Germain Sacred Retreat!

• Raise Your Vibration! • Expand Your Consciousness! • Ascension Activations • Saint Germain, Blessed Mother & ArchAngel Messages • 5th Dimensional Journeys • Venusian Heart Activations • Transformation Tools • Crystal Bowl Activations • Violet Flame Healing • Sacred Heart Activation • Starseed Activations Visit Sacred Secret Star Gates & Portals on Mount Shasta! Step into Other Dimensions!

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