Global Peace Activations

Free Webcast/Telecast with Meg Benedicte Wed. Oct 28, 5:00pm - 6:30pm PT Replay available FREE Webcast/Telecast We are witnessing a global phenomenon of transformation, as the polarized world is dividing into two very different realities. One world is evolving into increasing love and compassion while the other world is devolving into hate and fear. It all comes down to personal choice! Which world do you choose to build? Meg Benedicte will guide you through the steps to open your Portal to the Quantum Field.

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Discover the 9 Empath Types & Deepen Your Intuitive Healing Powers

with Judith Orloff, MD Wed. Oct 21, 5:30pm PT REPLAY AVAILABLE SIGN UP NOW for the live broadcast and to get the Replay OR sign up anytime before November 9, to access the program instantly. Free Online Event with New York Times Bestselling Author, Psychiatrist, Empath, Intuitive Healer & "Godmother of the Empath Movement" Judith Orloff, MD Your Intuitive Guidance System for Healthy Boundaries & Empowered Resilience

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Beyond the Veil Summit

Mon. Oct 26 - Fri. Oct 30 REPLAY AVAILABLE Near-Death Experiences, Mediumship & the Science of the Afterlife Free Online Event 30+ incredible speakers including Dr Raymond Moody, Suzanne Giesemann, Eben Alexander MD, Professor Jeralyn Glass, Cherie Aimée and many more! Dispel Fear & Activate Love Through New Paradigms in Consciousness & the Afterlife

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Planetary Reboot

Sat., Oct 17 - Thu., Oct 22, 10am-12pm PT Replay Available with Patricia Cota-Robles Join thousands of Lightworkers to add your magnificent Light to this monumental phase of the Divine Plan. FREE Online Event with internationally known teacher and leader supporting planetary ascension Patricia Cota-Robles This year, thousands of lightworkers will co-create the Planetary Reboot with the Company of Heaven, during a Live Virtual Online Six-day Event, the 34th Annual World Congress on Illumination.

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Dying & Living

Wed. Oct 21 - Sun. Oct 25 Replay Available An Immersive Online Experience Special guests include Joanna Macy, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Paul Stamets, Bayo Akomolafe, Mirabai Starr, Joan Tollifson, Deepak Chopra, Parvathy Baul, Michael Hebb, Charles Eisenstein, Brenda Salgado, and many more. Join our friends at SAND for a 5-day LIVE, immersive, online experience, Dying & Living, this October 21–25, 2020 as 40+ renowned speakers, presenters, musicians and artists converge for over five hours each day to bring us presentations, interviews, integrative practices, performances, and community networking.

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6 Steps to Mastering Abundance

with Rhys Thomas ~ Available Now ~ Replay Available Free 15-minute mini-training with Rhys Thomas, founder of the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine and author of the best selling book, Discover your Purpose. This training is offered to support you in coming out the other side of these chaotic times, even better than before. Healing, happiness and inner peace.

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Scalar Energy ~ 2 Offers

with Tom Paladino Tom is the foremost authority on scalar energy phenomenon, and he hosts a weekly LIVE Q & A session so you can ask questions and learn more about the secrets of the universe and scalar science that has been hidden from the history books. He also offers a 15-day trial to anyone interested to experience the benefits of his Scalar Light Standardized program. A TRINITY of sessions for energetic wellness. Tom is offering two free opportunities to experience Scalar for yourself!

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Discover the Biofield Tuning (& Toning) Experience

with Eileen McKusick Sat. Aug 29, 10:00am PT REPLAY AVAILABLE SIGN UP NOW for the live broadcast and to get the Replay OR sign up anytime before September 15, to access the program instantly. Free Online Event with Researcher, Biofield Tuning Founder, Sound-Therapy Practiioner & Author Eileen McKusick Sound Healing Using Tuning Forks & Your Voice to Alchemize Emotions, Boost Immunity & Liberate Your Truest Self

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By Transforming Yourself According To The Ancient Wisdom A Novel & A DVD By Jack Allis Author & Spiritual Teacher The civilized world is collapsing around us, which creates a magnificent opportunity to create a new world from its ashes. But this won’t happen by itself. It’s up to us to make it happen. And this begins with each one of us transforming ourselves according to the ancient wisdom of the indigenous people of planet Earth, including virtually all of the Native American traditions, and beginning to live our lives differently. These people were successfully doing the one thing that is missing from our civilized world, which is responsible for its demise. They were living sustainably, in small communities, in harmony with nature and her laws.


Trauma Skills Summit

Join 24 Premier Teachers Mon. Aug 17 - Wed. Aug 26 Replay Available 10 Day Free online event Hosted by Jeffrey Rutstein, PsyD and Speakers Daniel J Siegel MD, Peter A Levine PhD, Justin Michael Williams, Ruth King, Lama Rod Owens, Elizabeth A Stanley Phd, Thomas Hübl and many more Heal from the Effects of Trauma—for Yourself, the World and Generations to Come

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