Oracle Cards 101 Masterclass

with Colette Baron-Reid

Available Sat. Jul 11 – Sun. Jul 19
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Free 3-Part Online Masterclass
Understanding Oracle Cards can see confusing…that’s why I want to give you the dirty little secrets about Oracle Cards. Learn the 3 things you must know.
Ask any business leader, athletic coach, or artist about how they make the right decision when stakes are high, and they’ll often credit their intuition. “I just had a feeling,” they’ll say, or “I somehow just knew what I should do.”
While they can’t explain it — everyone wants MORE of it!
Fortunately, intuition is something we’re all born with; we’ve simply forgotten how to listen to that inner voice!
It’s time to learn how to listen to the Universe, and to your own wisdom. Getting back in touch with your “soul-GPS” isn’t difficult, it just takes practice.
And that’s exactly what you’ll get in Oracle Cards 101, the best-ever Oracle Card reading course from the amazing Colette Baron-Reid.
Colette is a best-selling author, creator of over a dozen Oracle Cards deck, and an incredible instructor. In Oracle Cards 101, Colette will walk you step-by-step through everything you need to increase your confidence in using Oracle Cards as a tool to access your inner guidance.
This course is designed to train your card reading skills little by little over 30 days while providing TONS of feedback, so you can trust the guidance you receive for every reading.
Every. Single. Reading.
Imagine! You have next steps and a sense of inner peace every time you pick up your deck. Most self help books don’t even work like that ;).
Here’s what you get when you sign up today:
✔ You get bite-sized trainings and practice card readings
✔ You will learn 1, 2, 3, and 4-card reading skills
✔ You’ll learn to trust your intuition and find clear next steps in your life
✔ You’ll be able to trust your interpretations for your own readings and your readings for others.
✔ You get 4 over-the-top bonuses, including your own Wisdom of the Oracle card deck.
Get your spot and start the most transformative 30 days of your year!!