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with Lavinia Plonka
3 Somatic Movements to Rewire Your Brain, Heal Chronic Pain & Increase Your Flexibility

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Free Online Event With Body Language Expert & Certified Feldenkrais Method® Teacher Lavinia Plonka
Transform habitual physical and emotional postures to help you heal from illness and injury, improve range of motion, and reduce pain.
Receive three subtle, yet powerful Feldenkrais sequences to reduce tension in your body and improve your balance and vision (literally and figuratively!)
The way you physically move… is also the way you move through your entire life…
Your physical patterns and postures not only signal imbalances to your MindBody, they also affect your self-image and worldview. For example, tense or slumped shoulders may reflect, and then reinforce, feelings of unworthiness or fear…
This impacts your physical health too — constricting the breath, affecting the function of the heart, and more…
Where you hold tension in your body communicates volumes — signaling the influence of stress, injury, and illness in your MindBody and illuminating specific emotional pain patterns.
It’s NOT your muscles or joints that are causing your pain or discomfort — it’s the mixed messages your brain is giving and receiving as it tries to navigate old wounds, new fears, and constant chemical reactions.
What if, by simply changing the way you literally MOVE through the world, you could free yourself of everything from chronic pain to self-sabotaging habits to unhealthy emotional patterns and more?
In an exciting new virtual event, celebrated body language expert Lavinia Plonka will introduce you to the Feldenkrais Method…
These revolutionary practices harness the power of safe, subtle, sophisticated movements to teach you how to literally reorganize yourself — resulting in improved range of motion, reduced pain, and a fuller life.
As you’ll discover, your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and movements are closely interrelated — and influence each other in powerful ways.
Lavinia will guide you to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency — not through muscular effort, but through increased consciousness of how movement actually works.
You’ll open to the awareness of the link between your inner and outer worlds… and how your physical movements mirror your feelings about your sense of self, worth, value, and potential.
Begin a New Conversation With Your Brain & Nervous System
Stories continue to emerge about patients who, for example, have undergone surgeries and assumed they were perfectly healthy afterward. Yet they were (unknowingly) carrying the trauma of the actual surgery within their nervous systems, causing unexplained physical and emotional symptoms.
Although they had been under anesthesia during the surgery, their systems remembered the trauma…
When they realized they were holding onto the fear or pain stemming from the trauma of the surgery and worked through it using the Feldenkrais Method, they were able to release the trauma — and the pain they had been carrying disappeared.
We’ve come into a whole new understanding of the brain and nervous system — and it starts with awareness of the habitual postures and holding patterns in the body.
It begins with the way you carry yourself. Your posture and habitual tensions are the result of your brain constantly telling your body a particular story…
Through subtle movements, you can transform YOUR story, coming into heightened self-awareness, an expansion of your repertoire of movement, and improved functioning.
When your whole body cooperates in movement, and when maximum efficiency is achieved with minimum effort, you’ll unleash your powers of creativity, intuition, healthy sexuality, and more…
Welcome to the relationship you’ve been waiting for — your relationship with yourself.