Find Inner Strength & Cultivate Resilience with Radiant Lotus Qigong for Women

with Daisy Lee

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Free Online Event with Renowned Qigong Teacher & Author Daisy Lee
Experience the Nourishing Kuan Yin Practice & Tibetin Sound Healing
for Self-Love & Peace Within
Come home to yourself during this challenging time and relieve tension and stress with a Qigong practice using movement and breath to balance your physical, mental, and emotional health.
Is the fallout from COVID-19 weighing you down? It’s no surprise that women in particular are reporting off-the-chart stress.
Under normal circumstances, life is difficult enough, but right now, women are taking on responsibilities and experiencing hardships like never before. Families are in upheaval. Jobs are uncertain. The current crisis requires many women to act as teachers, nurses, and mediators with family members while still trying to manage their normal responsibilities.
What can you do when you’re overwhelmed, unable to rise above the inevitable chaos of this new normal? A good first step is taking a deep breath and joining renowned Qigong teacher Daisy Lee during this special online event.
Daisy will lead you in two special practices of Radiant Lotus Qigong, Daisy’s signature program that draws on the wisdom of China, Tibet, and the West to empower women in their emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. You’ll experience graceful, meditative movements synchronized with deep, gentle breathing, as well as Tibetan sound healing that supports the body’s return to a harmonious, healthy balance.
This healing, rejuvenating Qigong system can help you release physical and emotional stagnation throughout your body — in your joints, organs, and tissues — increasing strength and vitality, and bringing peace and calm to the deepest part of your being.
During this free 60-minute event, Daisy will lead you in one of the six Tibetan healing sounds that support hormonal balance in women. Each of the Tibetan sounds has a corresponding movement that opens up the energy flow in a part of the body. When a woman learns to effectively use her voice for self-healing, greater potential is realized in other aspects of her life.
Daisy will also guide you in the Kuan Yin movement, a practice that evokes the qualities of Kuan Yin, the “goddess of compassion” from Taoist and Buddhist philosophy. Throughout Asian countries, Kuan Yin is known to offer comfort to those in distress, and reminds us of our own innate capacity for kindness, empathy, and healing.
You’ll feel peace, strength, and connection in the Kuan Yin practice, while expressing your reverence for the earth and sky. By bringing the beauty of the macrocosm into your body, you’ll extend your best energy out into the world, leaving you feeling nourished, restored, and more resilient.
In the days ahead, you’ll be able to practice these movements at any time, allowing them to soothe and recharge you.