Awaken & Master Your Body's Natural
Inner Medicine with Qigong

with Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD

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Free Online Event with Qigong and Tai Chi Master Teacher & Author Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD
Discover How to Neutralize the Effects of Stress to Maximize Your Vitality & Redesign Your Life
Harmonize your body, mind, and spirit when you practice Qigong — along with acupressure, breathwork, and meditation — to activate your inner healer, using the powerful natural medicines you produce in your own body.
People everywhere are facing a debilitating amount of stress.
With the pandemic comes a daily barrage of anxieties — rising numbers of COVID-19 cases, increased unemployment numbers, caring for family members, physical isolation — and on top of it all, the anger and frustration we’re feeling due to our numerous societal ills.
During this time of upheaval and grief, many people — to put it simply and understatedly — aren’t doing so great. While feelings of sadness and anxiety are normal during a global crisis like this, stress can impact people in a variety of harmful ways, both physically and mentally… even in the best of times.
Symptoms of stress can include headaches, pain, inability to focus, and sleep deprivation… to even more challenging disease states like the exacerbation of a current serious illness or chronic condition. Research shows that even mild stress hinders the body’s natural capacity for health sustainability.
Wouldn’t it be great if instead of heading to your medicine cabinet or making an appointment with a physician, you could resolve your own pain or dis-ease. What if we could be more self-sufficient and proactive in keeping ourselves well — instead of being reliant on getting treatment after we’re sick?
Fortunately, the wellness program of Chinese medicine — refined for over 5,000 years — provides the solution.
The cure for what ails us already exists in each and every one of us. Our bodies produce the most profound, healing medicines — and all we have to do is engage in cultivating the positive flow of inner energy to restore us to good health and resolve disease.
According to Qigong master Dr. Roger Jahnke OMD, when we practice Qigong, we restore our natural healing resources that we’ve overused and depreciated.
When we harmonize and balance our Qi — our vital force — we are producing naturally occurring medicine within our own bodies. Sadly, our society largely ignores this phenomenon.
Even if you aren’t stressed or feeling pain, practicing Qigong will help you flourish — so you’ll feel stronger, balanced, and more energized… free to be your most magnificent self.
In a new 60-minute event, Roger will demonstrate how Qigong is not just exercise or movement, but a convergence of exercise, somatics, breathwork, and mindfulness — a holistic, personal practice that you can do without leaving home.
Qigong’s gentle movements help circulate blood, oxygen, and nutrition throughout the body, nourishing all of the organs and tissues, while promoting healing. 
Simultaneously, the connection of the mind to the breath and physical movements calms the mind, relieving stress and anxiety, while shifting the function of the autonomic nervous system — especially the vagus nerve which orchestrates inner healing.
Dr. Jahnke will lead you in a powerful practice from Seven Precious Gestures Qigong that supports the neutralization of mental and emotional distraction. You’ll visualize something you cherish and have a very deep connection with…
You’ll hold this in heart and mind, feeling its essence. You’ll then explore the empowerment of acknowledging the transitory nature of all our attachments and expectations. Imagine how empowering it would be to be resilient in the face of life’s complexities!
What starts in expectation leads to acceptance and surrender, graduating to the point where you can hold your expectations more lightly.
Distilled from thousands of years of healing wisdom, Roger will demonstrate how Qigong can help you relax your body and mind, enhance function, and move energy — Qi — through your main channels to build vitality and resiliency.